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Huawei Will Invest US$150 Million In Talent Training

Huawei will invest US$150 million in talent training Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd stated that it plans to invest US$150 million in digital talent training in the next five years. Because the Chinese technology giant aims to contribute to digital empowerment. The plan announced on Thursday, and the company released its 2020 Sustainability Report. Highlighting the… Read More »

Huawei Bets On Hongmeng

Huawei bets on Hongmeng The IoT operating system of the tech giant provides a competitive choice. Experts said that the successful launch of Huawei smart phone Hongmeng operating system has made a major breakthrough, but there is still a long way to go to successfully build a strong software ecosystem. Their comments came after the… Read More »

New Huawei Mobile Operating System

Huawei’s new mobile operating system will be released on June 2 Chinese technology giant Huawei Technologies Co. said on Tuesday that it will launch its self-developed. New Harmony OS operating system for smartphones on June 2 as it continues to cultivate. Its software prowess after overseas restrictions have affected its hardware business. Part of their… Read More »

Huawei R & D Enhance Consumer Electronics Products

Huawei R & D Enhance Consumer Electronics Products Tech companies develop plans for IoT product ecosystem Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Released several consumer electronics products on Wednesday as the Chinese technology company sought to develop its non-smartphone business under the restrictions of the US government. This move is part of Huawei’s broader efforts to build… Read More »