How Should University Students Prepare for Business Life?

How Should University Students Prepare for Business Life? For most people, being a student is the best time of their life, especially college. But once you see, you graduated in the blink of an eye. All those good and fun times are over and you will start your business life. Well, how ready are you?… Read More »

Huawei Will Invest US$150 Million In Talent Training

Huawei will invest US$150 million in talent training Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd stated that it plans to invest US$150 million in digital talent training in the next five years. Because the Chinese technology giant aims to contribute to digital empowerment. The plan announced on Thursday, and the company released its 2020 Sustainability Report. Highlighting the… Read More »

Guizhou Works Together To Promote Digital Development

China’s Guizhou works together to promote digital development Beijing-Guizhou Province in southwest China has worked hard to build the first national big data comprehensive pilot zone. The Focus on continue to promoting the development of the digital economy, especially the big data industry. Li Bingjun, Governor of Guizhou Province, said at a conference that Anhui… Read More »

Autonomous buses roll to commercial operation

Driverless buses roll to commercial operation Report: High-tech transportation in 7 cities: Autonomous vehicle route expansion A latest report claims that continued efforts can help China commercialize autonomous vehicles, and China already has the longest driverless bus route in the world. According to a joint report issued by Chinese self-driving startup QCraft, China Mobile and… Read More »

Digital economy is the key to national development

Digital economy is the key to national development Emphasize the role of information digital technology in promoting high-quality economic growth. At the Fourth Digital China Summit held in Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province, on Sunday. A senior official said that China will promote the digital economy as an important engine of economic growth and… Read More »

The patents in the technology sector: Top country

The highest patents in the technological sector As the international balance of power shifts in innovation. The USA holds the most patents in world standards in 50 of the 58 technologies of the future. China, on the other hand, is quickly catching up with the economic model and dynamics it has developed, leaving the USA… Read More »

IBM helps pharmaceutical companies

IBM aims to help pharmaceutical companies speed up digital transformation The US technology giant IBM is using cutting-edge cloud computing technology to help Chinese pharmaceutical companies. Innovate their business processes and respond to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. One beneficiary is the Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group. A China Pharmaceutical Group based in Taizhou… Read More »

The United States has the world 1st high-speed railway mileage ranks

The United States has the world 1st high-speed railway mileage ranks You may have seen the longest railway in the world, but what about the railway mileage of various countries in the world? Railway transportation is one of the oldest modes of modern transportation. Even today, hundreds of millions of people in the world cannot… Read More »